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The St Michael’s Castle

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The Laocoön Gallery

Originally the Laocoön Gallery of St Michael’s Castle formed part of the suite of state rooms of Emperor Paul I. In the central niche of the hall, on the pedestal of variegated marble, there was a sculptural copy of the famous antique Laocoön Group, which was brought from Italy (now in the State Hermitage), and gave the gallery its name. The room also had another name – “Haute Lisse Chamber” as in the days of Paul I, the walls of the gallery were decorated with French tapestries depicting scenes from the Bible. On the ceiling there were three round painted plafonds on mythological themes, the depicted scenes were chosen by the Emperor himself.

In the 19th century, when the castle housed the College of Engineering, the former Laocoön Gallery formed part of the Mock-up rooms in the Engineering Department. The room has been rebuilt many times.

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